Holloway Road For London Students

Popular with students of the nearby London Metropolitan campus, the Holloway Road area boasts some fantastic bars, an eclectic selection of restaurants and proximity to some of the coolest parts of the capital. While compared to some of its neighbours, it offers some astoundingly cheap accommodation, making it the obvious choice for many students studying in North London. So if any of this sounds right for you, here’s our guide to setting up home in vibrant and exciting Holloway Road.

Once you’re out from the sheltered world of university halls, London can suddenly seem quite daunting for many students. The important thing when choosing somewhere to live is to do your research. It might seem obvious, but doing a thorough inspection of a property before singing a tenancy agreement is something a lot of students neglect. Getting a professional house inventory letting agents and landlords should all familiar with, is an easy way to safeguard your deposit and avoid any disputes in the future. Parts of the capital, such as Holloway Road have seen an increased level of transience in recent years, so it’s always handy to have a flat given the full once-over by a qualified inventory clerk in London can be an unforgiving place for anyone not prepared to take these kinds of simple precautions.

Something else that should be top of your priority list is getting to know the area you plan on moving to. The district that encompasses Holloway Road simultaneously houses some of the nicest and roughest parts of North London, often side-by-side. Somewhere might appear to be peaceful and up-market by day, only to find it completely changes once night falls. Check out local shops, pubs and restaurants to get an immediate indication of an area’s flavour, while speaking to someone from the area will also be of great help. Once you’ve signed a contract you’re bound to that property for the duration, so it’s important that you make the right choice and choose somewhere that you’ll enjoy and feel comfortable living in.

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