Benefits Of The Lease Agreement

Being a tenant is usually related with a lot of stress and quite unpleasant situations especially when it comes to check out inventory reports held by the certified London inventory services providers hired by the landlord. In addition lack of knowledge of the legal regulations concerning property rental and the types of tenancy contracts can cost tenants serious amounts. Even though London rental market is full of tempting properties pretty often are cases when the landlords pretentious are reason why those properties are being empty for a while.

One of the biggest problems which causes disputes when it comes to property rental is usually the type of the tenancy contract. Thus in most of the cases landlords will is to go for a rental agreement which allows them to change the conditions and terms subject in the contract as well as the monthly rent. Furthermore it is on a short term base which normally is a month, so it fully depends on a landlord whether or not he or she will extend the rental agreement for the next month or not. Assuming from all those unfavourable factors for tenants not rare as cases when they are giving up from the property just because of the type of the tenancy contract and the uncertainty related with it.

Much better option is a lease agreement which as a rule is signed for a year and is not subject for any changes before it expires. In addition if a tenants require a copy of the initial home inventory report prepared just before they moved in and the final check out report did not show any mismatched their security deposit should be fully refunded but this is certailny not the case with the rental agreement.
So no matter how tempting the property is don’t go for a rental agreement otherwise this tenancy may cost you a fortune.

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